Larry Elder Goes Off on Piers Morgan: You’re Condescending and Stupid, Shame on You

Larry Elder and Piers Morgan started off this battle via twitter following the Zimmerman verdict and Morgans interview with Rachel Jeantel. Elder like many is tired of the race hustling and the full story not being told about violence in America. They never talk about the murders and crimes committed by black people, which Elders points out! Elder hammered away on Morgan with facts because Morgan like the race hustlers doesn’t want the truth out. Elder hammered away relentlessly calling out liberals saying “it is an outrage that the left has done to black people and you are part of this parade.”

Morgan loves to distort the truth and since he couldn’t handle the argument about Zimmerman or the truth about black violence in America being ignored he wanted to focus on Rachel Jeantel. Elder had an epic comeback when Morgan asked how many languages he speaks as compared to Jeantel where he said “I don’t speak ebonics as well as Rachel if that’s what you mean!”

I wish so much more black Americans like Elder (and Leo Terrell who went off on Hannity) would come out speaking against the race baiters to set the record straight. In doing so they will empower and enlighten the black community to see they are being used by the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons and Barack Obamas of the world!