Mark Levin Blasts Zimmerman Trial Calls Judge a ‘Disgrace’, ‘Prosecutors Judge’ Who is ‘Gutless’

The Great One laid out simple facts about the Zimmerman case compared to the sugar-coating spin the crap media has put on it. First and foremost it’s about race baiting and redefining Zimmerman’s race to have a white vs black case. There was no case against Zimmerman and that is why special state prosecutor was appointed and he was charged. “We have a special prosecutor and they charge Zimmerman with second-degree murder. The only people who believe that Zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder is the special prosecutors office who brought the charges in the first place”

Levin called out politicians, the race hustlers from Sharpton & Jackson to Obama for turning the country inside out. He then torched the Judge “there’s a judge in this case, Debra Nelson, who has been nothing but a disgrace. She’s clearly a prosecutors judge and she came out of that prosecutor’s office. She is clearly a prosecutors judge, by her body motions, by her temperament, by her rollings many of which I think will be appealable”.

The Great One stressed that justice must be upheld, we have to stand above the race baiters & hustlers, politicians, judges and prosecutors manipulating the system.