McCain to AFL-CIO Immigration Forum: 11 Million People Living in the Shadows Deprived of the Rights of Citizens

Why are 11 million “living in the shadows”? ILLEGAL ALIENS are living in the shadows because they are here ILLEGALLY!! They broke our laws to get here they aren’t deprived of anything. When will someone call Congress out on this? Instead of enforcing the laws on the books Congress wants to create a new law granting amnesty rewarding illegal behavior!

Blood practically shot from my eyeballs as Rep Bacerra used insane logic to suggest the unwanted illegals who work the system, criminals etc would get smoked out as those who want to be here would be able to come out of the shadows.

John McCain can you please get a set like the ones you once had that kept you going in the Hanoi Hilton, man up and LEAVE the republican party! Ya know I’m mad at the wrong person… all you IDIOTS in AZ the re-elected him, who are mad as hell over amnesty, this is YOUR FAULT! I’m probably wasting my time because I don’t think these people lighting a stick of dynamite under your ass would get you to wake up!