O’Reilly Rips ‘Racial Charlatans’ Pushing ‘False Statements’

O’Reilly’s one man jihad against the race hustler industry carries on!

The democrats in DC led by Nancy Pelosi are jumping on this false narrative of racism held a hearing today, “A Conversation on Race and Justice in America”, which was a waste of our money. I have to say I am not getting tired of watching these O’Reilly clips. I am sick and tired of the lies coming from the left about racism. I am sick and tired of being blamed for people being down and out and that everything is white Americas faults. Have you noticed the only ones calling out racism are the ones who are guilty of it! Every single time these dolts open their mouths they are in fact committing racism towards whites! The truth of the matter is these people need racial divide to stay relevant and the money flowing.

They work a small segment of the black community into a frenzy about racism and that’s all they need to have one believe this nation is horrible to blacks. Yea the US is so racist you know what we did, we elected an “African-American” not once but twice into the presidency!

People like Dyson, Neblett, Harris-Perry etc etc, you know the entire roster on MSNBC and a few other dying networks only care about themselves, advancing a radical agenda. Aside from caring about making money these real racists are actually working to keep the black community down and out under a lie that they are useless, not worthy, etc keeping them “in a box” to vote those who pander to them in power. None of these race hustlers have done anything about the joblessness, promiscuity, drug abuse, poverty let alone the high crime rate in the black community. No instead they go on the attack to anyone like O’Reilly who calls them out on it.

You have to give O’Reilly props for taking on all of these SOB’s on national tv level, no one else is doing it!