Rush Limbaugh on Greta Van Susteren: Corruption of Barack Obama Admin (Full Interview)

This was a great interview Greta Van Susteren had with Rush Limbaugh.

Rush torched Obama, on how he governs by always being in campaign mode acting like an outsider. He calls his majesty out on how he always plays an issue to point the finger of blame on the do nothing republicans. He had some choice words for republicans too that always cave to democrats.

One of the topics that got my attention is when he talked about the current political atmosphere. Rush said next to the civil war our situation very partisan and divisive only getting worse and on purpose!

Rush also addresses the call for defunding obamacare. He debunked the idea of some “consultants” call to let obamacare be that the bill will just die vs the move to defund. He explained the same logic was used when Clinton ran for office, warning policies like that are never repealed.

A ton of topics were covered from the 2010 election to immigration, obamacare, the future of the republican party, Detroit etc. If you have the time it’s worth the time to watch too much discussed summarize… I wouldn’t do it justice!