Obama Supporters Petition to Grant Him Immunity for All Crimes He Commits While in Office

Another video by Mark Dice demonstrating the ignorance and stupidity of many fellow Americans. This is a representation of people who work with you, care and educate your children, care for you if you’re ill, some making life and death decisions, have licenses to operate motor vehicles, operate heavy machinery and reproduce!! Now don’t dismiss what you’re seeing here because it’s another video of “stupid Californians”. You need to realize these people are a representation of the 51% in this country who agree with the emperors policies and agenda. They gave him a second term and are now quite willing to sign a petition granting Obama immunity for anything he does illegal in office!

In a previous video Dice found people willing to sign away the Bill of Rights this new batch just goes to show how clueless and dangerous Americans can be. People like those in this video are in every corner of America, so it should concern all of us that so many are willing to grant Obama immunity.