Rep Bachmann Warns the ‘Ruling Class’ Will Pass Trojan Horse Immigration Bill

People while we keep eyes on what will likely unfold in FL by the hands of the race hustlers we must stay on House republicans to not pass any immigration bill let alone bring any bill to the House floor. Michele Bachmann warns of a Trojan Horse immigration bill which is Obama’s goal because “legalization equals amnesty, which equals citizenship, which equals tens of millions of new voters that will vote to forever cement in place this progressive agenda” leading to perpetual amnesty.

Rep Bachmann also broke down the costs to the nation which will be in the trillions, for example, draining Social Security and Medicare that illegals would be entitled to that they never paid into!!!

This is all about creating a permanent dependent entitlement voting class. CA is the model for what the progressives want to do to the nation where republicans have no chance at this point gaining political office or a majority in the state. Trust me I know I am trapped in CA! Yes we have a few R’s but they have no say in governing of the state. This results in massive taxes and draconian regulations.

If you are okay with high taxes, losing your rights, being regulated to death, having a government force you to habla espanol because they cater to illegals and treat you like a second class citizen then do nothing, continue to be silent! Otherwise….

Where are the protests and sit-ins targeting republican Representatives to stop ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty?