Welcome to the US Police State: 21Yr Old Treated Like Criminal at DUI Checkpoint on 4th of July

I think this title “Welcome to the US Police State” will be an ongoing theme or series on STR. Is it because of the internet and availability of recording devices or is there a true problem of police abuse of power growing in the US? I’m losing count at the number of these types of videos showing police engage in unlawful searches or working the system.

People will argue and say “if you have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, just do what they say/ask”. I ask why? If you aren’t doing anything wrong and you are not required by law to submit to their questions like lowering your window further than it already is and giving out your age why should you “just do it”? Aren’t you giving them more power when you submit to their unlawful demands where you have done nothing wrong? Doesn’t that set a precedent and empower them to do more?

I’m all for respecting the police and not giving them a hard time but more and more stories and videos are popping up about people completely innocent being treated like hardened criminals by cops on major power trips!

For instance in one story a girl was arrested for buying bottled water because ABC agents suspected she was buying alcohol underage. In another story a family in Nevada said police violated the Third Amendment occupying their home!

This is a tough one for many because we want the law respected, followed and know the stress cops are under. We don’t want to give them a hard time but we also don’t want to be given a hard time. Clearly police have become more aggressive and it leaves you to wonder when things get real bad will they honor the oath they took or be a bunch of robots following orders?

What say you?