Zimmerman Attorney Responds to Fears if There is an Acquittal; Sanford, FL Braces for Race Riots

I haven’t posted much on the Zimmerman/Martin case compared to my coverage of it last year, because I know in my gut what happened. Although a tragic end result Zimmerman as I have said is innocent of murder. The case is in the hands of the jury, potentially, later this week.

I want to make a formal statement that should George Zimmerman be found not guilty/ acquitted and anything happens to him, his family, his friends testifying on his behalf, Sanford FL (or any other town or city jumping on the racist bandwagon), following the verdict all of you on the left will have blood on your hands!

Reps Frederica Wilson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Bobby Rush, Hank Johnson and other racist members of Congress, RACE HUSTLERS Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, uninformed Hollywood celebs like Jamie Foxx, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR countless left-wing websites & blogs and yes YOU BARACK OBAMA will be responsible for any blood spilled, property burned or destroyed etc should riots unfold when this trial is over. You all have done nothing but “throw gasoline on a fire” with NO facts other than what you have heard from each other. You all chose to ignore the real facts like these:

  • Fact: Trayvon Martin had traces of THC(marijuana) in his system, his judgement potentially impaired.
  • Fact: The ONLY wounds Trayvon had were on his knuckles and the fatal gunshot wound to the chest, where forensic testimony verified the shot was fired at extremely close range.
  • Fact: CCW permit holders are trained in various types of stances and short draws to fire. The gunshot wound to Trayvon indicates a short-range shot was fired just as concealed permit holder like Zimmerman would be taught to do if necessary.
  • Fact: Zimmerman had trauma to the back of his head and face. Said injuries confirm his story to police of being blindsided knocked to the ground and beaten. It was when he stated his head was being repeatedly rammed into the ground that he finally drew his weapon and fired after feeling Martin make a move for the gun. Prosecution’s medical witness trivialized the head wounds but the last time I checked Zimmerman didn’t have mirrors lying around to see! He had no way to know this and acted with lethal force because he feared for his life.
  • Fact: A witness told police they saw someone fitting Trayvons description straddled over another man “like MMA”, pummeling the man on the bottom. This again confirms Zimmerman’s story to police.
  • Fact: Trayvon got into his share of fights that were in fact MMA in nature and had his share of getting into trouble, he was no little angel.
  • Fact: If you listen to the 911 call you can hear heavy breathing from George indicating he was in pursuit, that heavy breathing stopped when they told him to stop. Take note I said heavy breathing, not out of breath. Zimmerman debunked that last year with Sean Hannity, so enough of this “he stalked him(Trayvon) and shot him dead”.
  • Fact: Within an hour after the attack/ shooting during his police interview Zimmerman told police he was screaming for help as loud as possible for someone to come to his aid and for police on scene to find him. He made this statement before he knew there was a recording of the screams for help!

The only reason this case came to trial is because of the pressure placed on Sanford PD by all of you racists and uninformed bomb throwers. You don’t care about Martin or Zimmerman all you want to do is advance your radical agenda and keep this nation divided!