Judge Napolitano on DEA Cover Up and Government Spying on Americans

In the obama admin cover ups are common to hide every crime they commit. I want to hear all the libs again come on the air and tell the people how transparent this regime is! One scandal after another and one cover up after another, there is NO ONE in DC holding anyone in the admin accountable. Oh sure I’m sure we will see a hearing in the not to distant future over this, but it will be the same grandstanding dog and pony show we always get. Then Issa and company will issue memos and requests for information yada yada like they always do where the delivered documents are all redacted!

This government is completely out of control with a Chicago marxist thug setting the tone!

Did anyone take note of what the Judge brought up at the end? Ten days ago the feds asked web firms for our passwords and no one is up in arms over it! That is clear proof of how badly asleep this nation is!