Melissa Harris Perry: More People on Food Stamps Now Because Minimum Wage is Not High Enough

Part-time jobs paying minimum wage were never meant for someone to live off of to raise a family. Generally these jobs were/ are meant to supplement full-time income within a household or for those who can ONLY work part-time. These jobs are meant to get in, get some experience so you can move up in the world.

Those on food stamps have bigger problems. It is not corporate America’s fault they are that down and out. The reasons for those in such low poverty and need of government assistance of course IS NOT ADDRESSED. Why would it, it doesn’t go with their agenda! This of course is what Bill O’Reilly has been on the attack about for over two weeks. Maybe if there was a coherent family unit and children weren’t being born by teen mothers out-of-wedlock so many wouldn’t be on food stamps.

Working the grill or register at McDonald’s or Walmart was never meant to be a full-time career! It was never designed that way these monsters KNOW this and are perverting the system making calls to increase wages. What will happen is these companies will just start cutting staff if they are forced to pay a higher wage.

The real underlying story is this is radical lefts new attack on “rich people” and capitalism that the big evil corporations are making too much money. They hate America and our free market system, this is all marxism with calls of income inequality (by his majesty the last 2 weeks) demanding economic justice.

These progressive monsters are in absolute full combat mode while this country is asleep.