OUTRAGEOUS! Illegal Immigrants Pretend to Be Cuban to Gain Citizenship

This story will make your head explode!!

Why is this ILLEGAL ALIEN, not undocumented immigrant, shocked? Not only has he broken our laws to get into America but he then participated in fraudulent activity PRETENDING to be Cuban to gain the system!

I never knew, and I’m sure most Americans don’t either, about the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966! “The act gives a Cuban nationals and their children access to all kinds of benefits. Medical, food stamps even a green card after just a year in the United States, three years faster than most other immigrants.” Why is the US giving preferential treatment to Cubans? They are here for asylum fine but what is this fast track system in place for over 45 years for them to be naturalized and eligible for entitlement programs funded by US taxpayers?!! Let me be clear I DON”T CARE THAT THEY ARE HERE FOR ASYLUM FROM A COMMUNIST COUNTRY! Get to the back of the line! This program in itself is insane! It may have made sense back in 1966 but the immigration problem today is completely out of control where a law like this is obviously being abused.

Yes you heard right this guy went to back Venezuela and then came back to the US a second time via illegal crossing at the US-Mexico border! This scam wouldn’t exist if our border was secure and the laws ALREADY on the books was enforced.

Fake Cubans hoping for fast track to citizenship now under scrutiny
By Kim Segal and Sara Ganim, CNN
Miami (CNN) — All Luis had to do was hand a Cuban birth certificate to immigration officials and he was on his way to becoming a U.S. citizen.

“I started to receive my work permission, I went to the DMV, got my driver’s license, I get my Social Security and that was it,” he said.

Those are the privileges afforded to Cubans who flee the Castro regime and make it to the United States to seek asylum.

But Luis, who asked CNN not to use his real name, was not entitled to the privileges. He’s Venezuelan, not Cuban. The forged birth certificate he said he bought for $10,000 was enough to pass initial scrutiny and he was able to live free and clear in the United States for years.

Luis is not alone. Pretending to be Cuban has become a trend in visa fraud, according to Alysa Erichs, special agent in charge of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations office in Miami.

Anatomy of a fraud

The scam starts with the purchase of a Cuban birth certificate for between $10,000 and $20,000, she said.

Birth certificates are not yet computerized in Cuba — they’re torn from a book and the information is filled out by hand before being logged into a register. “The documents that they are presenting in some cases are actual Cuban birth certificates which are smuggled into the country blank, and then filled in with fictitious information here,” Erichs said.

And while the documents are easily falsified, the benefits they can bring are real.

“There’s little doubt that Cubans are treated better than any other group,” said Cheryl Little, executive director of Americans for Immigrant Justice. “And that’s been the case for decades.”

Since the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, Cubans automatically gain refugee status upon arriving in the country and are put on a fast track to naturalization. The minute Cubans set foot on U.S. soil they don’t need to worry about being deported, unlike migrants or even asylum-seekers from other countries. They receive a green card after being in the United States for a year and a day — a much shorter time than faced by other legal immigrants.

Paying for a forged birth certificate often also brings coaching on how to answer questions so immigration officials believe the holder is Cuban. Erichs recalls one case in which the document-seller told the buyer, “OK, we’re going to need you to get really sunburned and we’re going to drop you off in the water and you’re going to have someone that is going to rescue you and you’re going to say that you were on a raft or a boat and it sunk.”…more