Obama Plans to Move Forward With Strike on Syria, Will Seek Congressional Approval

Obama had his puppet Biden by his side when he announced he wants to go it alone and strike Syria, he then announced he will seek Congressional approval for the use of force. This statement was a clear indicator of why Biden why at his side in the Rose Garden. One could only assume what Biden ranted about in 2007 about Pres Bush taking action against Iran would be an impeachable offense that on the same basis that impeachable offense applies to obama as well.

I am sorry for the Syrian people caught in the middle of that civil war but it is not our place to intervene. His majesty makes an emotional plea that because We are the United States we have a duty to act and asks Congress to vote for the use of force in the name of national security. There is NO national Security threat to America from Syria. There are many nations in possession of chemical and bio-logical, even nuclear, weapons who are not our friends. When these nations have had their share of internal problems no one came out and said well its national security threat we have to hit them. Why is Syria a threat? A few terrorists might get their hands on the weapons? Again we have rogue nations like Iran and N Korea developing nuclear weapons who have made countless threats against the US. Our security is not on the line obama is lying he wants a fight he wants to start a war.

America you must pressure your congressional representatives to vote against the use of force. If we didn’t have enough on our backs to worry about with obamacare and immigration reform this is a bigger issue. If the US takes action against Syria that is like taking action against Iran. You hit Iran then you are also hitting their pals Russia and China. Iran will attack Israel and then the regional war will be on. It will eventually grow outside the middle east and potentially go into World War III! Global wars result in major shifts of power, that is what this is about to shift global power to the new superpowers of Russia and China.