Glenn Beck Warns Syria ‘is About Destroying Sovereignty’

War changes everything, and we are now in the perfect storm for the globalist progressive revolutionaries. We have two options with what is coming, where either way the US doesn’t come out on top:

The first is preferred by the globalist progressive revolutionaries as war is averted via peace negotiations at the UN with Russia and China taking up new role as superpower nations alongside the US. The US will have to agree and go along with what they work out which will inevitably give birth to a one world government (NWO)! Things will not play out well and we will more than likely be expected to give up some of the fringe benefits we have enjoyed over the years. One of the things we can expect is that Small Arms Treaty will more than likely be signed and Congress will be pressured to ratify it, thus destroying our sovereignty!

The second option, Syrian conflict escalates along with all the tension in the middle east into a full regional war. Syria is an arm of Iran, Iran is in bed with Russia and China all of whom would love to see the US taken down. Keep in mind Russia has already made threat to the Saudis who are “on our side”. That said how does the US get taken down? Simple, someone starts lobbing missiles at Israel and shutting down the Suez Canal. That will force the US to get involved with targeted airstrikes and then sooner or later with all those warships in the Persian Gulf the shooting will begin. That kids, gets you World War III and this time around the guns are bigger, reach and touch from further distances doing a hell of a lot of damage. It will be he opportune time for everyone that hates us to come at us once and for all. Like GB said few days ago “we don’t survive“!

The US was a nobody as far as global powers go prior to WW2. After the war that all changed and we arose to be the superpower, USSR “fell” or rather experienced fundamental transformation. If there is a plan C I’m all ears but this is how things have played it.