Fast-Food Workers on Strike for Economic Justice

What Bill O’Reilly laid out is how the capitalist system works, but because we live in an entitlement generation people think they deserve to get a higher wage solely because they are working… where and what they do no longer matters.

Fast-food jobs were never created nor meant as a career choice to live, “survive”, solely off of and raise a family on! When one enters the working world fast-food jobs are one of the choices they have versus other low wage entry-level jobs available.

Those working at McDonald’s, Burger King, or the local pizza joint seem to think they are ENTITLED to the same wage as those working in a low/ entry-level job at say a law or doctors office! There is a level of skill set being completely ignored and those whining and striking better wake the hell up because you can be replaced with a machine!

Many supermarkets, home improvement and department type stores are now employing self-checkout services where 1… O N E person is needed to babysit 4-6 self-checkout stations!

The purpose of part-time work like those in fast-food are only to supplement income from a full-time job in a household or provide income to one attending school of some type that allows flexible work schedules. These people working at Burger King and the like whining they don’t make enough to care for their families should have thought about that before they hopped in bed with someone and had unprotected sex or blew off getting a decent education that would lead to a better paying job.

It is absurd for one who doesn’t possess a skill set or education to expect to be paid what another who does have a higher education and skill set is making. Yes I know there are those fresh out of college or who lost their full-time jobs that need that higher wage but it is not going to come from flipping burgers, running a cash register, or delivering pizza! This is when those in that position are going to have to get 2 part-time jobs or even three! I started working in HS and then worked 3 part-time jobs while going to college full-time, so it can be done! And for the record I have my 4yr degree and am longterm unemployed with 20 years of legitimate experience.

The economy is in the crapper, a stealth depression actually! You entitlement drones should be happy you have that part-time job right now and understand there are people who would welcome taking your job! Think about that when you give your boss or owner of the business lip-service! Quite frankly if I owned any of these business being attacked over wages & benefits I have several options; and punishing my customers with higher prices isn’t one of them!

  1. I will replace you with automation (as pointed out in the second video).
  2. I will cut everyone working for me hours increasing duties
  3. I will fire staff keeping the better workers, increase the pay to those who didn’t lose their job but add additional duties. You want a raise you will earn it!
  4. I can just fire you all and hire people who would just appreciate having a job right now!
  5. According to all of you “I’m rich”, that said I’ll just close the business down and find something else to do.
  6. If you unionize I guarantee you I will either fire everyone or shutdown the business!

The unions are egging you all on to make this push, you do know a chunk of that raise you get could very well go to them right?! One last thing to consider, Congress is being pushed to pass ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY to over 11 million people + their families. Did it ever dawn on you with all those new workers in the US they might welcome your low wage job?!

Stew on that for a while!