O’Reilly Clashes With IL Rep Davis for Agreeing With Constituents ‘Suspicions’ That Police Are Killing Black Youth

The next time Davis goes on a radio show and repeats something she heard from her constituents she might want to investigate it first before even suggesting it. People will take her word as gospel and think it’s absolutely true. Davis left out a key reason why a 70% of the murders remain unsolved in Chicago… NO ONE will talk! People won’t talk because many of these murders are gang related and people fear the repercussions if they speak up.

Davis herself doesn’t get the hint about the reasons for violence, unemployment etc in the black community has a lot to do with the collapse of the family unit. She uses some insane comparison of young actresses who get pregnant out-of-wedlock versus the young girls in urban areas and inner cities that are getting pregnant at an alarming rate.

None of these people in opposition to O’Reilly’s jihad against the race hustling industry seem to understand he wants the source of the problems ini the black communities addressed not the symptoms.