Rep. Bentivolio: It Would Be a Dream Come True to Impeach Obama

Evidence is key to getting obama out of office. Rep Bentivolio IMO is a representation of the sentiment by some in DC who would like to remove the imperial emperor from his throne, but as I have said over the course of all the scandals coming out there is no smoking gun. I hate to say it but I don’t think there will be because of the network he has built under him with Valerie Jarrett calling the shots on his behalf. Like the congressman says if they get a hard piece of evidence on say the IRS scandal, a directive from obama to Lerner to target conservatives then he is done.

I think there is something out there to bring him down the problem is the individual(s) possessing that evidence are saving it for their own personal gain! Days of doing things for God and Country are over, it’s now about what’s in it for me.