State Dept: Banning The Muslim Brotherhood Would Be A Bad Idea

There you go folks State Dept propagandist Jen Psaki agreeing it would be a bad idea to get rid of the muslim brotherhood. She thinks all parties should be involved in coming to a resolution in Egypt, negating the fact that it’s the MB who has made matters worse since Mubarak was ousted!

The regime as of today by making this statement stands with the MB and all the crimes and horrors being committed. When Egypt goes into full civil war and the Suez Canal/ Sinai is lost get use to the idea of $5/gal gas, $5 milk, bread etc etc. Had the US started 5-10 years ago tapping our own oil resources it wouldn’t be an issue. You realize that back then those in opposition were saying what sense is it to drill now? Well now you know because we are in the “now”! Our whole economy will blow up when Egypt goes!