3 Examples of Tyranny When You Publicly Protest Obama

This is a compilation of 3 Impeach Obama Overpass protests from California, Texas and Missouri of people having their First Amendment civil rights violated. As usual law enforcement uses bogus excuses to arrest and harass the protestors. The new one they are using is “interfering” or “obstructing” in the name of public safety. Take note in the first clip the protestor from his vantage point appears to fall down, thankfully one of his fellow patriots films the unprovoked physical attack by the CHP officer. Second clip a man is threatened for obstruction and also threatened to have his children taken away. The third clip some may have seen is from Missouri where state police once again cross the line violating the very civil rights they swore to uphold.

All of you in law enforcement & military, retired or active better do a gut check and make a decision. Are you going to HONOR the oath you took to this nation, the Constitution and the people or will you be a bunch of automatons following orders, twisting the law, arresting law-abiding Americans?