Support Starbucks Gun Control Group Calls For Boycott

“Second hand bullets are more deadly than second-hand smoke!”

Go support Starbucks and counter this attack by pacifist anti-Second Amendment gun grabbers. These gun grabbers would prefer law-abiding Americans disarmed while criminals run free robbing and shooting people. I’d like to ask her if she will be requesting the same of other establishments like malls, office buildings etc etc? It’s a persons right to carry and a businesses right to permit one to be armed if legally possessing a permit to carry!

These radicals who come off so nice and kind, like Kim Russell, of Moms Demand Action, assume someone legally carrying a gun will turn an establishment into the OK Coral. This is not true, such an event has never happened and is just another scare tactic by radical leftist gun grabbers.

Russell is insane suggesting people are taking assault weapons to buy a cup of coffee. Majority of gun owners are well-trained especially those licensed to carry concealed weapons. 2) Civilians don’t own assault weapons. What is an assault weapon anyway? This title is a lie created by anti-gun lobby! Majority of crimes committed with a firearm are by a handgun not a rifle!

More misinformation from radicals America, those wanting to know the truth on semi-auto firearms please check this link out.