100 Million Americans Out of Work: Stealth Depression Lingers With WAR on the Horizon

The employment numbers were released friday where the administration praised the “drop” in the unemployment rate:

What the admin left out was the biggest headline that 312,000 Americans stopped looking for work and are part of those who have been written off holding at 90+ million! This increase allowed the unemployment rate praised by obama and company to drop to the “lowest rate since Dec 2008”.

The 90 million written off is just for starters, let’s do some math for those in denial who will undoubtedly question the title of this post:

90 million out of labor work force
+ 11.316 officially unemployed per BLS
= 101.316 million Americans out of work

The number is higher when you factor in youth unemployment and the record number of Americans on disability(8.8million); many may argue these factors and a few more are segments of the 90 million out of the labor force. Let’s say I agree with that argument it still doesn’t make our situation any better and fact remains 100,000,000+ people don’t have a job! Yes for those in doubt we are talking about 1/3 of the US population!

There is no recovery, 7.3% unemployment rate is nothing to be proud of, the economy is not getting better and we are in a stealth depression. The White House is “cooking the books” as far as I’m concerned to keep the markets at bay. That reported unemployment rate is not the true unemployment number. It doesn’t factor in everyone unemployed only those collecting unemployment. If you factor in everyone as it use to be calculated we are holding just under 25% unemployment!

We are teetering on economic disaster almost everyday. If you follow the markets you know this to be true as they make big swings over every little piece of news that hits or when someone speaks!

The stock market is only holding at these “record” levels because the Federal Reserve has been pumping $85 billion into the system every month. We hear talk of tapering but the printing presses are still firing away.

You will hear pundits on both sides compare our current economic state to the Great Depression, “we haven’t seen levels like this since 1930’s-40’s…”. These people always make the comparison but stop shy of saying we are in a depression. They know if they say we are the markets will collapse.

There is one thing missing from the equation that could save the power elite from the looming economic disaster… WAR!

Record unemployment, Americans in poverty, on disability and receiving food stamps the only thing missing and could theoretically bail us out is war. Trust me those calling the shots for the nation are well aware of history and know it is repeating itself. Ask yourself why the president is so adamant to go to war in Syria? Like his predecessor FDR, obama will march the US into war to save the economy. He knows the economy is on edge, that his beloved obamacare is already hurting the nation and history is repeating itself. The president also knows with war comes a shift in global power, if the playing field is evened out things don’t look as bad. Those in poverty in the US are much better off than those in other countries. By shifting.. redistributing power and fortune everyone is equal no one, no nation is better off than the other!

This is a very dangerous game of chess the power elite are playing and they will get a lot of people killed if a regional war is started in the middle east. It will expand into a global war and you watch and see who gets rich off it. If things go the way many want, repeating what happened in the 1940’s, the US economy should come roaring back! But at what expense, who will be in power and who will be indebted to?