Ann Coulter to Hannity: Putin is Making a Monkey Out of Obama on Syria

She didn’t say that! Oh yes she did three times!!
“I just tweeted out, as for Putin in particular, no he is making a monkey of Obama. I just tweeted out a very interesting article from the Tablet suggesting that this whole thing was set up by Putin to make Obama look like a monkey…”
“Putin has time after time after time made Obama a monkey…”

You have to wonder about the timing for Ann to say this with a new book coming out! Now you know the race hustlers will be out in force tomorrow demanding her head, demanding Fox and Hannity to issue an apology and well just use your imagination!

On a serious note, lil Barry looks pathetic to the world once again leading from behind, and it’s behind Russia! My bigger concern is this “out” Putin provided for obama will shift world opinion to favor Russia over the US. I mean we all agree the emperor has damaged our credibility and reputation but this just knocks us down even further! This is a direction the world should not want to go to look to Russia for solutions over the US. Putin is a thug, all that happened after the fall of the USSR was the generals took the uniforms off and put on suits. The same cut throat people are still in charge esp Putin who is former KGB!