Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz: Colorado Recall Vote Was All About Right Wing Voter Suppression Tactics

The lesson from the CO recall election is that we the people can shut you progressives down when you push on our civil rights. There was no voter suppression this is just a ploy and a play on racism and we know voter suppression = racism! The two demoncrats that lost were in heavy blue districts. Her complaints of voter suppression about the actions the right took were to block voter fraud!

So I hope you are paying attention America Schultz just gave up some of the tactics the left uses to win elections!

She is right this recall election wasn’t about guns, it was about the American people standing up against radical progressive destroyers! Please dems take her advice continue to run on guns and destroying our liberties. By doing that you make our job easier to appeal to our common sensed opposition who will vote with us again!

One last thing if the NRA is a right-wing group what does that make all the unions that back the DNC?