Judge Napolitano: Barack Obama Can Be Indicted as War Criminal If He Strikes Syria

The Judge clearly lays out international law dictating the use of force and not one of them is met to give Barry Soetoro the authority to stick his nose in Syria’s civil war. He has no approval or support from around the world yet he and the regime continue to push on even with the announcement that Russia will take possession of the chemical weapons. Personally I don’t think that is going to matter a hill of beans but it’s a lifeline being thrown to the jerk in chief! If Assad’s forces were not the ones using chemical weapons and the rebels or terror elements inside Syria are there is no way in hell they will hand them over.

This offer by Russia is a distraction and Hail Mary delay for the military strikes we know obama will take. That’s fine let him, let the world see the US has an imperial dictator who not only violates the will of the people but of the world. I hope a nation does indict him for war crimes, as the Judge explains, maybe some crap nation will be able to do what our Congress does not have the stones to do to lock him up!