Obama: ‘I’m Less Concerned About Style Points Than Good Policy’; “Good Policy” Allows Assad to Stay in Power and Keep Chemical Weapons Until 2014

That good policy the emperor is rambling about is to lead from behind capitulating to Russia. Also keep in mind this “solution” in Syria was sarcastic in nature when John Kerry suggested it claiming it would never happen, where a few days earlier our UN ambassador Mrs Sunstein said all alternatives were exhausted! Putie Pute the thug steps in appearing as the peacemaker leaving the US to look like the world thug. That quickly and easily roles have been reversed.

Mission accomplished for lil Barry Soetoro’s plan to fundamentally transform the USA’s foreign policy! Once upon a time the US was the feared superpower of the world that kept dictators in their place. Today we are lead from behind those dictators!

Oh that hot deal worked out by Russia allows Assad to stay in power and keep his chemical weapons until 2014! Between now and then at least half of what he has will disappear with some of it I’m sure on its way to the US!

Assad can keep chemical weapons till ’14
By Kate Briquelet | NY Post
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gets to stay in power — and keep his chemical weapons for a year — under a Russian-sponsored deal that critics slammed as undermining American leverage in the Mideast.

Under the pact reached Saturday by Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Assad must submit an inventory of his chemical arsenal this week but has until mid-2014 to dispose of it.

Kerry said the first inspection of Syrian weapons will be in November and destruction will begin sometime next year.

The UN Security Council is expected to back the deal with a resolution that could bring sanctions if Syria fails to comply.

While the White House hailed the agreement, some lawmakers assailed it as the latest fumble by the Obama administration in its handling of the Syrian crisis…more