Pelosi: GOP Ideology is a “Luxury” We Cannot Afford, Washington Warned About Political Groups Like the TEA Party

The coordinated narrative to paint the right as extremists and threats to the US continues. Nanzi Pelozei took it a step further to invoke George Washington claiming the TEA party is what he warned against in his farewell speech. Actually Nanzi you freakin commie George Washington WARNED ABOUT ALL POLITICAL PARTIES!

To suggest Washington would disapprove of the TEA party is absurd. The TP and conservatives in fact stand for so many of the principles that were established by the Founders and Washington. Nanzi Pelozei, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, John McCain, John Boehner, etc you are exactly what Washington feared and warned the nation about in his farewell address!

America these progressives BANK on people taking their word when they invoke the Founders in this way. The logic is “well he/she is a member of Congress so they must know our nations history and what our Founders said”. The uninformed class takes what degenerates like Pelozei say as gospel solely because of their position in government! In the bigger picture/ long-term if socialists have their way all people will remember is how a faction on the right held the country hostage, trying to extort the president to agree with their demands and these anarchists played a role in the nations demise! That cannot be allowed to happen.

When stupid people like Nanzi speak like this they must be called out and corrected immediately the longer there is silence the more damage is done!