Mark Levin to Jake Tapper: Obama is “Serial Liar” Using “Scare Tactics” Over Government Shutdown

The Great One was on The Lead with Jake Tapper and fired salvo after salvo on the imperial emperor. While the crap media praises news of his majesty’s call with the Iranian President Levin offered the other side of Iran that is never talked about. It’s disgusting how obama will talk and initiate negotiations with Iran who kills gays, persecutes Christians, oppresses women etc and treats the republicans as mortal enemies the Iranian regime truly is!

Thankfully Mark spelled out the truth during this interview about the reality of government shutdowns. We have had 17 of them and the bills still get paid regardless of the scare tactics his majesty is using.

Levin called the emperor out as a serial liar and has suggested obama is unstable! He also blasted Harry Reid and the french republicans who constantly cave to the regime selling out the nation.