Sen Lee to David Gregory: ‘We Have Support in Senate’ to Defund ObamaCare

Lee confirms what we know that all the republicans in the Senate will hold the line to defund obamacare but we have democrats to worry about. Cruz is going to push for a required 60 vote vs 51 on cloture. We KNOW there are democrats who are in the closet against obamacare and we must find a way to pressure them to vote against the emperor law. It only takes one or two to get the ball rolling where others will join. It’s not impossible because there were two who I assume stood on principle and voted with the republicans in the House.

If someone like Max Baucus who already said the law was a train wreck (even though he took it back) would stand with Cruz and Lee that may be all we need. Folks you need to ride every single Senate member to vote to defund obamacare. Threaten them with a recall election if need be.

“The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!” ~JLP