Sen Ted Cruz Defends His Plan on Defunding Obamacare

Chris Wallace grilled Ted Cruz about defunding obamacare where the Senator explained that stopping this train wreck law comes in multiple stages. As he explained the people are unified, the House took a stand and now the ball is in the Senates court. Cruz warned about Harry Reid’s dirty tricks to “use brute political power” but said there is another rule in place that would require 60 votes not 51 to get cloture. This 60 vote requirement would take majority rule away from Reid.

Cruz then suggested if Reid kills the bill that the House should pass smaller funding bills starting with the military. Cruz suggests by using this strategy to put programs like the military in front of Reid that will have him against the wall to stop funding to them and the pressure will be on him and obama to cause a shutdown.

The Senator has received a lot of criticism by the RINO’s in Congress and what people need to understand is he is playing by the socialists rules. This looks like a game of chess and people are going to have to get off this “get it done quick” mentality. Everyone wants things done in one shot and it’s just not going to happen. Progressives have been working over 100 years to get where they are today its going to take some time to stop them. We need to be patient and help those in DC like Cruz otherwise the left wins.