TX Rep Pete Olson’s Town Hall Meeting Disrupted by ILLEGAL ALIENS Demanding Citizenship & Chant ‘We’ll Be Back’

While the regime has the nation distracted with the threat of starting war in the middle east many battles like immigration reform still remain on the home front.

Case in point TX Congressman Pete Olson’s town hall meeting was disrupted by ILLEGAL ALIENS (not undocumented immigrants) taking a page from Occupy doing a “mic check” Borg drone rant. Just who in the blue hell do these people think they are to make demands in a country they are in illegally? I don’t care if some were brought here as children they are not legal citizens they should not have the same rights and privileges as American citizens.

Take note how these ILLEGALS use their children as props and shields so they can push their agenda on the civil citizens. The woman at the end speaking to the group of ILLEGALS apparently is delusional because they are criminals and the police have every right to escort them out. The fact that many of them don’t even speak english is beyond insulting. These ILLEGALS are lucky they didn’t get arrested and I’d like to know why they weren’t?

Like we don’t have enough problems to worry about this immigration bill no thanks to TRAITOR Marco Rubio is on our backs!