ICE Council Pres: Obama Has Endangered Public Safety & National Security

The regime is going to ram through ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY now that they have gotten their way with obamacare. This is Cloward & Piven tactic of overwhelming the system being put into motion by the progressives in power. The emperor wants as many people as possible dependent on the government which creates a permanent uninformed voting class. Illegal immigration would give the democrats another 11-30 million new voters that would keep them in power indefinitely. You saw Detroit collapse economically, that was an extreme policy experiment where a more advanced experiment with dependency and economic unsustainability is taking place in CA. California is the final testing ground for what will happen to the rest of the nation. Gov Brown is borderline of granting amnesty to illegals and because of these radical policies it’s becoming next to impossible for conservatives to get a majority in the state.

If Rubiocare is passed this nation will be under democrat aka progressive control. I know folks want to be focused on obamacare but you must see its all connected. Immigration is a top priority to stop now where obamacare is bait for illegals and proponents of immigration reform. We cannot allow Rubiocare to be passed if it does progressives will eventually have indefinite control.