Judge Pirro: The Rise of Lawlessness

The rise of lawlessness is a result of political correctness which is desensitizing and deteriorating our society at a rapid pace. There is no accountability by anyone in a leadership role which leads to a domino effect from the very top to the average American. Why should the average American do what is right when they see the examples set by the ruling elite? Once upon a time there were consequences for ones actions but as the Judge points out bad behavior is now rewarded. This precedent is set by the imperial emperor who has promoted people, like Susan Rice, behind the many scandals this regime has initiated.

The deterioration and lawlessness is moving the country into complete chaos. Chaos and a government out of control is what progressives want to tax the economic and social system to cause a collapse! This is Cloward and Piven put into motion! Give out the free stuff (rewarding bad behavior), don’t hold anyone accountable and sooner or later when all the goodies are gone society crashes where the animals will take to the streets because they know no one will stop them!

Then when things are bad people will look to the corrupt running the country to come up with a solution. That solution will result in a new America, the AmeriKa his majesty promised to fundamentally transform!