Pelosi Doubles Down: Republicans Want Dirty Air and Dirty Water

Yea that’s it republicants don’t want clean air clean water. Next Pelozei then praises the stimulus that was passed 5 years ago, of course blaming Bush for getting the country into it in the first place, which has done absolutely nothing to help this country but put it in deeper debt. Then she talks about lack of support from republicants on Sandy aid leaving out the fact the bill had a ton of wasteful spending buried into it which is why republicans didn’t support it!

Pelozei is evil. There is no other word to use to describe it as well as the others in the socialist party. They are evil and want to destroy this country. Socialists lie, steal, cheat some will argue have killed to advance their radical agenda! What I find even scarier are the “brown shirt” dopes in the media who help advance this agenda to the uninformed class. Someone should advise them that when the SHTF they are expendable!