NBC DELETES Story Exposing Obama Admin Aware of Millions Losing Insurance in 2010… Posts Edited Version.. Reposts Original!?!?

NBC News and Comcast are complicit with the destruction of our healthcare system and nation. They are the American version of Pravda.

They ran an article exposing the administration was aware in 2010 that people would lose their health coverage under obamacare, while his majesty campaigned otherwise. The article disappeared…

ht GatewayPundit

and then was reposted with a key paragraph removed…

ht WeaselZippers

The propaganda arm of the White House got caught and had to put the original material back up claiming “publishing glitches“…

So who do you think called NBC, chewed their head off and made them pull it: Obama, Jarrett, McDonough? I’d like to know who put the article back up with the paragraph restored and it wouldn’t surprise me if whomever did it will be out of a job soon!

Regardless, enough is enough with this network, it is time for an all out boycott against NBC. I’m sick and tired of hearing the excuses from conservative tv/ radio hosts saying “I’m not for boycotts”… SHUT UP! The game has changed these SOB’s are playing for keeps while ALL OF YOU (Rush, Glenn, Sean etc) want to play cutesy and be nice. Were any departments or organizations tied to this administration cutesy and nice when they tried to run you off the air? No and they never got any backlash for anything they did against you, so stop with the excuses our nation is on the brink!

If you are a Comcast subscriber DUMP IT IMMEDIATELY! If you are a Comcast stockholder you do understand you OWN a piece of that company? Find other like-minded stockholders and raise hell. Holding a few shares here and there has no power but with the millions of shares in circulation surely a considerable size of it is owned by conservatives, find them and put a stop to this! NBC/ MSNBC are completely out of control at this point and they have the POWER to influence millions.

Stop watching all the shows, stop buying crap from their advertisers and celebrities! The excuses against boycotts no longer hold water. Understand this, these people are actively engaged at deceiving the American people they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. You want something to do America to fight back this one is simple make Comcast/NBC FEEL THE PAIN in their bank accounts!