CBS: More Than 2 Million Americans Have Been Dropped Dropped From Their Insurance Plans Due to Obamacare

I want to know how many people who support obama, his radical policies and obamacare are part of the millions of Americans, lied to, now losing their health insurance? You obamazombies wanted this well now you got it!

We are experiencing this rush in cancellations and dropped insurance NOW as a result of the regime delaying regulations last year before the election! Couple that with the regime knowing as far back as 2010 this was going to happen it leaves you wondering why no one in DC has stepped up to the plate APOLOGIZED to Ted Cruz and call for it to be defunded.

I said it before I’ll say it again: with everything we know as of today let’s get DC to vote 1 more time to repeal obamacare. I want to see how many radicals will still stand their ground and support this obaminable law!