Chuck Schumer GOP ‘Learned a Lesson Here,’ Ted Cruz and TEA Party Have ‘Peaked’

The only people who hurt Americans during the shutdown were the emperor, Reid and socialists like Schumer who stopped every effort from the House to keep the government-funded. Fact is 11 times the evil republicans in the House voted to keep government-funded not to mention backing off defunding obamacare and all of those attempts were rejected. These bobble heads can rant all they want but history will record this shutdown as obama’s and the democrats!

Schumer is right a lesson was learned and peak has hit. That lesson and peak was showing the American people how low this administration and its enablers will go to advance their radical agenda. Just because one peaks doesn’t mean they don’t come back either! Fact remains obama & Congress’ approval is extremely low where as approval of individuals like Ted Cruz is growing. What these progs cease to admit is the American people elected and want people like Ted Cruz in Congress. He, Lee and about 30 others are doing the job they were hired for unlike the self-serving DC destroyers!