Allen West: We Have Gone Beyond An Imperial Presidency, We Almost Have a Monarchy

Allen West was on NewsmaxTV’s Steve Malzberg Show talking about obamacare, debt ceiling, the ruling elitists etc and his majesty’s power grab explaining we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. We have allowed obama to rule like an imperial president moving into what West suggests a monarchy by remaining complacent as a whole. Plenty of Americans are wide awake but there are not enough to instill fear in government from acting like kings and queens!

What an injustice FL voters committed to this nation by not re-electing Allen West. He is one of the few in DC who has fought for us. Yes he has made a mistake or two while in office but he unlike most in DC would at least own up to it! The nation is on fire, kicking out patriots over the want of free stuff almost guarantees our destruction!