Ed Schultz Berates War Veteran And Hangs Up On Him: Get Your Facts Straight

23 yr vet Russell called into this thug wannabe’s radio show about the funding cuts to veterans. In typical fascist fashion FAT F@#$ Schultz attacks the vet claiming he doesn’t have his “freakin facts straight”! Any facts that put this regime in a bad light are dismissed, like oh I dunno their blessed $600++ million website not working, or that they are hiding the number of enrollees in obamascare.

This obamazombie then claims someone got into vets heads to make them think republicans are on their side. No one got “between their heads”, veterans are seeing and experiencing the reality of what this regimes polices are doing to them and the nation. Progressives like Schultz want the nation to believe republicans who hold one half of one-third from our three branches of government are in power of everything. Fact is socialists have the White House, Senate, the other half of the House, half if not more in the Supreme Court, all the MSM and Hollywood. It’s pretty clear whose side the socialists are on and I’m telling all of you in the military active/ retired THEY DO NOT HAVE YOUR BACK! One word to prove that… BENGHAZI!

I’d like answer this jackasses question as to who shut the govt down. Barack Obama and Harry Reid shut the govt down. They REFUSED all 11 attempts by the House GOP to keep the govt running.