RACIST Oprah to BBC: America Hates Obama Because He’s Black

Yes I called her a racist and I stand by it as I did few months ago following her lies about Emmett Till. Winfrey is a master progressive propagandist who has successfully done something progressives for over a 100 years could only dream of. She has aided in their goal of power and control by socially engineering and entire generation of entitlement drones. It’s only fitting for her to now go overseas and push the lies that America is racist and hates obama because he is black.

Uh huh yea this nation is soooo racist it went ahead and elected him TWICE into the most powerful position in the world! Forget everything else you see and hear and stew on that for a minute! Does it make any sense that if the US is so racist we would elect obama? Let’s talk about the real racist, Oprah Winfrey!

Her rant about people who are racist that are born and bred into it is no different from the social engineering she has done! Take note of that part of the interview she is so arrogant and a hypocrite she doesn’t know she is talking about herself!

Oprah like all progressives calls little Barry a black man. Is he? Is barack obama a black man? NO! He is the FIRST mixed race president of the US but he is not the first black potus! Oprah’s very statement is racist in nature because it dismisses the WHITE MOTHER who gave birth and raised him along with her WHITE PARENTS (his grandparents) who also helped raise him after his mother abandoned him as his BLACK father!

This woman is despicable and beyond deceptive like a true progressive destroyer! Read my opinion piece following Glenn Beck saying she “disgusts” him when she outed herself here