Chris Hayes & Guest Suggest Bobby Jindal & Phil Robertson Would Like Anal Sex if They Tried It

This just goes to show you the level of depravity this corrupt propaganda network of the imperial regime will go to. I’ll say it, I think what Chris Hayes and this Richard Kim just said is as offensive as what people think Robertson said, but I’ll go a step further and suggest it’s right up there with what Bashir said about Sarah Palin. Why? I’ll go a step further and suggest, as the left does, that this is a suggestion buy these two for people like Robertson, Jindal, Palin, Cruz etc to be raped anally or engage in it! A stretch? Yea, but so is the lefts claims that Roberston’s statement was a direct connection between homosexuality, beastiality and terrorism! You progressives want to play this twisting of words game we’ll play it!

What is happening with Phil Robertson is a snapshot of a larger problem with this country. Aside from the outright tyranny we are under from the govt we are also under tyranny from minority groups. I could rant about all of that but instead I want to ask you America why do you sit back allowing a handful dictate what is and isn’t acceptable? Why do you allow these small minority tyrants start fights and then walk away as the left and right duke it out! It’s like a woman/man who cheats on their spouse or significant other, get’s caught but then the lovers/ significant others fight it out, when in reality the cheater should be the one taking the heat! Have you ever noticed that? The “cheatees” always end up fighting while the “cheater” stands back watches and still gets what they want!

Political correctness is out of control. I think it’s about time we start taking a look at these small minority tyrants (term coined by Mark levin) and bring the fight to their front door.