Dem Rep Castro Rips Rep Issa Says Benghazi is “Fairy Tale” Crusade

The progressive left is now actively engaged on rewriting history as we enter 2014 and the midterm election cycle. The are heavily damaged with obamacare so they will now engage in any topic that can distract the American people. The ball got rolling when the New York Slimes released a bombshell report claiming Al Qaeda had nothing to do with the Benghazi reverting back to the old story (LIE) that the video NO ONE watched was the cause of the attack by local unaffiliated with any organized terror group.

This move is also a gift to Hillary as 2014 will be an indicator as to how much work (lies to be told) will be required for when she runs in 2016. These lies from the left must be squashed immediately four men died to bury the truth that this regime was running guns through Benghazi. They are banking on time as their ally that YOU will forget and move on.