Obama: We Need “Government Action” To Reduce Income Inequality

The communist occupying the oval office is now pushing his radical beliefs and putting his wealth redistribution agenda into motion. The hypocrisy in this speech should anger all. He talks about paying his student debts back but what is he doing now about student debt? He is talking about making education “free” like everything else! All the opportunities this country offered to someone like him (when he was growing up) he is now DESTROYING! The opportunities of the past are drying up. Entrepreneurs are now burdened with laws, regs, taxes and fees before they can even get their idea off the ground… I KNOW because I am one of them!

You have any idea how many ideas I have for business and products but have no way to get it going? Apple and Microsoft could never get off the ground today with all the red-tape in place.

This clown says one thing while doing the complete opposite. He is a cancer to business and innovation. Government does not know best and should stay the hell away from business and the free markets.