Tingles Asks Obama About Voter Suppression Because “Everybody Knows” Republicans Have Rigged the System

OMG there is no voter suppression, this is a myth created by progressives to justify blocking voter ID requirements. If voter suppression existed then I’d like Tingles and this CWilhems (@persistantvoice) who tweeted the question to explain how Bronco ‘Bama got elected TWICE along with the majority of socialists who were re-elected remaining in power?!

These twits want to talk about suppressing minorities look at what they have done to minorities for decades! All of you out there who feel you fall into the minority demographic ask yourself what these bastards have done for you? Forget the excuses from your handlers and list all the things demoncrats have done to get you out of the corner… You do know that corner you are in they put you in!?

This has got to be a planted question or this CWilhems (@persistantvoice) is certifiably insane to ask such an absurd question. Too bad MSLSD posted this persons Twitter address, why don’t you all send he/ she a little note!