DHS Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned Right to be Citizens’

via CNS

The obama wrecking machine DHS Secretary is paving the way for amnesty. All they need is for the weak pathetic Speaker of the House John Boehner to pull the trigger and bring a bill to the floor for a vote.

Where’s Paul Ryan? Yea I know I write that all the time here, that’s because he is busy putting the final touches on the House version of ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY, with Rep Gutierrez, the backstabber!

If illegals want to be citizens let them get in the back of the line and pay BACK TAXES along with a big fine in cash! If they want to be citizens they better assimilate into our culture and speak English fluently too! These people come to this country, stay here for years never learning to speak a word of English, learn our history etc etc but have no problem TAKING money from the American people!