Fmr Navy SEAL Tells Judge Pirro: Nobody That Wears a Navy SEAL Trident is a Fan of Obama or Hillary

Judge Pirro spoke with fmr Navy SEAL Christopher Mark Heben over the criticism Marcus Luttrell’s “Lone Survivor” is receiving from the left and crap media. The left seem to question the events and the mission not understanding the purpose of the SEALs. They aren’t primarily there to nation build and be peacemakers, as Heben points out SEALs are the “nation’s a 911 response team… to make a person place or thing disappear”!

The discussion moved into Benghazi coverup where Heben made it clear the administration is positioning Hillary for her 2016 presidential run. This when he made a very clear statement that we the people can be thankful to hear “…let me make something very clear: nobody that wears a Navy SEAL Trident on their chest.. nobody is a fan of Obama, nobody is a fan of Hillary Clinton period” He then closes saying he and other former SEALs are planning to “expound upon everything that is out there right now on Benghazi”.

We the people could really use hearing more of this from servicemen and women. Our elected leaders do not have our back so we need to know the military active and retired do!