Glenn Beck Speaks to Megyn Kelly on Obama’s ‘Dangerous Use of Power’

The imperial emperor has been emboldened by Congress’ lack of action to restrain him. This has given rise to as Glenn Beck says “a dangerous use of power” that IMO we haven’t seen in about 240 years! Amazing how we went to war with a tyrant for our freedom and here we are again under a man drunk with power but also a do nothing Congress who they too are drunk with power!

His majesty’s threat of the pen is obvious at this point, it is the same pen which has rendered Congress irrelevant! But when obama said he has a phone he was referring to calling in his radical friends at the universities and unions who we know will create havoc in the US. That was a threat IMO against conservatives and supporters (like you and I) of the rebels (Cruz, Lee, Paul, Gowdy, Gohmert etc) in Congress.

I love the short history lesson Beck gives Kelly which demonstrates two things:
1) If we are not careful things could get as bad as they did in 1856 leading to actual blows on the floor of the Senate or House. If this happens we ARE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE!
2) This was a warning to not only the republicans but the democrats to start doing their job otherwise they will be replaced all together with a whole new party. Within four years the Whig party went extinct and the republican party rose to power electing a president aka Pres Lincoln!