Minister of Propaganda Dodges Question on Whether It Will Bypass Congress on Iran Deal

If Congress is bypassed by the regime on imposing sanctions against Iran IMO that will be the final smoking gun proving his majesty wants them to pursue their nuclear weapons program. There is no logical reason for a nation RICH in OIL and NATURAL GAS to be pursuing nuclear energy, especially a nation who has vowed to wipe Israel off the map and then destroy the US. I don’t recall other oil rich nations pursuing nuclear energy as aggressively as the Iranians. Why no one in the crap media will not press the regime on this is beyond me!

When they get a nuke they are going to use it period. Loaded into the back of a car or truck and detonated in a major city. OR maybe loaded on a missile and fired off the US coast detonated in our atmosphere creating an EMP pulse that will destroy our power grid. They have already done test runs for an EMP style attack. All their missile tests end with self-destruction of the missile when it reaches apogee. To date we have never gotten an answer about the missile fired off the coast of CA. The Iranian Navy will be operating in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. None of this is being discussed in the MSM, but I am saying it here hoping you all will pass it on! An EMP attack will send the US back to the stone age and leave all our allies around the world vulnerable not to mention US defenseless.

The Iranians cannot be allowed to pursue their nuclear program, its sole purpose is for weapons development not peaceful clean energy.