New Push For Single-Payer Health Care in America

There are too many bobbleheads speaking freely now that they want single payer implemented. This closet communist Jehmu Greene is just one of many progressives calling for it now that the obamacare nightmare is being fully implemented. You see America the left has no fear of you and those things they denied or even claimed were conspiracy theory which are now being whitewashed.

I have no doubt single payer was always the end goal as I have argued here showing radicals like his majesty preaching for it. I find it hard to believe the obamacare disaster is a result of negligence as many will argue. Who writes a 2200 page bill with such detail to only have it collapse?! Doesn’t wash does it? No sorry it was designed to fail, because radicals knew they couldn’t get single payer through on its own. They knew they needed to create chaos first through the ACA so a solution could be presented for the failure and they could appear as saviors!

(Side note I have had it with all the closet commies that get on air like Jehmu Greene, Richard Fowler and Alan Colmes who always have smirk on their face that the serious topics being discussed are a joke.)