MSDNC: Duck Dynasty Guns Could Be Used In Mass Shootings

Talk about reaching! This just goes to show you how insane the left is and at what length they will go to attack the Robertson’s, gun owners and the Second Amendment! These anti-gun idiots in general have no clue what they are talking about and I contend many have never held or fired a weapon, but they are experts in their use! I’m sorry to tell this gun grabbing fascist that people go plinking with high capacity mags, and those that can do go plinking around their house with high cap mags!

If Ladd Everitt is so concerned about gun violence he ought to get his tail into Chicago or another city that has banned guns but has gun crime off the charts and take note the animals there aren’t killing each other with semi-auto rifles. Most crimes are committed with handguns and as we now know the most recent attempt of a mass killing, in CO, a shotgun was used. Ya know what Joe Biden suggested everyone get!