Sen Rand Paul Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Obama and the NSA

Very noble cause on behalf of the American people but I’m not holding my breath for anything positive to come of this. This suit may, MAY have a better chance if some demoncrat was to co-sponsor it. Since most demoncrats couldn’t careless and are in favor of destroying the Constitution it looks like Paul and whomever in the GOP that joins him will be on their own. You can be sure RINO’s like Peter King will come out very soon attacking Paul calling this un-American and threatening our security. As for the Americans who are a party to the class action lawsuit lets take a minute and think about that….

Based on this regimes past actions what do you think is going to happen to those participating in the suit? Right off the bat I see people being harassed by the regimes thug enforcement agency the IRS. I see the DOJ bullying people as well as other agencies being unleashed on people. Are you a gunsmith, run a gun store? Don’t be surprised if the ATF pays you a visit! Are you in construction, run a business that requires hazardous waste removal etc? Don’t be surprised when the EPA is breathing down your throat either!

Oh and lets not forget this will have to go through a federal judge before having a chance of going to the Supreme Court. Since we have judges now making decisions based on party lines as we already saw over the NSA, it’s a crap shoot getting this through the court system!

Stand With Rand